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Why Give Online?
Here are some benefits to giving online:

*Intentionality—By having your tithe taken out of your account on a recurring basis, you are giving your “first fruits” to God. Online giving is a tool that will help you make giving a priority by scheduling your donations.

*Simplicity—You won’t have to worry about whether or not you remembered to turn in your tithe check. When you go out of town or miss a service for any reason, your tithe will continue automatically.

*Security—Giving online is even more secure than using checks, because electronic gifts cannot be lost or stolen.

*No Distractions—On Sunday mornings you can come ready to worship without the distraction of writing a check because you know your tithe is taken care of already.

*Easily Track Giving—Online giving is easier to track for our administrative staff and requires less processing since the information is automatically logged and deposited. This also allows you to easily access your up-to-date giving records online.